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Grief and Bereavement Program

This Program provides miniature horse assisted activities for children and their families, who have lost a loved one.

A. Groups Visit Northwind Farm. Children and their families are given an opportunity to talk about their grief through facilitated peer support and interaction with the miniature horses – grooming, leading through obstacle course, painting on the horse.

B. Northwind Farm Visits Christopher House (Hospice). Miniature horses are the perfect size to put their little noses over the bedrail of bedridden patients or into the lap of a patient in a wheelchair. The visits bring smiles, laughter and joy to terminally ill patients and their families.


Community Outreach Program

- Eldercare Visits

Children are not the only ones who benefit from a visit with the horses. We also visit various elder care facilities, and are looking to visit with more. It is amazing how the peoples' eyes light up when they see the minis come inside their facilities. Often times, seeing the horses reminds people of their lives, and they start to share the most amazing stories. It is a positively overwhelming experience for everyone in attendance. Everyone leaves the visit with a smile on their face.


- Community Support

We schedule various visits throughout the month for other organizations in the community. We take a few horses to a set location, and allow the visitors to groom and walk the horses around. These sorts of visits usually last 1 hour or so, depending on the needs of the client. We never rush anyone through a visit, and we allow the horses to share their love and warmth until the visitor is ready to leave.


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