Different Services We Provide

Northwind Farm works with Children, Adults and Seniors who may have mental, emotional or physical issues. Some of the opportunities we offer are on-site interaction, and off-site visits on location, or at a location designated by the requesting organization or family. Some of our horses do have the ability to go indoors, which allows us to visit with people that are unable to leave their rooms. 


All of our activities are fully insured, and safety is our utmost concern. We monitor all activities, and also request that when on-site at our facility, parents or guardians stand by to assist as well. 

Grief and Bereavement

We work with anyone in the community dealing with bereavement. We work a lot with Camp Agape, and the Children of the Christi center, but all people are welcome. Once a year, we even do a painted ponies activity, where the visitors come and groom the horses, and the paint a picture on the body of the horse, which may remind them of the loved one they lost. After painting the horses, the children are then assisted with going through an obstacle course, and then are assisted with washing the horses. This is an excellent activity, where the children can share their expression with the horses and others in attendance. 

Community Outreach


We schedule various visits throughout the month for other organizations in the community. We take a few horses to a set location, and allow the visitors to groom and walk the horses around. These sorts of visits usually last 1 hour or so, depending on the needs of the client. We never rush anyone through a visit, and we allow the horses to share their love and warmth until the visitor is ready to leave. 


We work a lot with Hope Alliance, and Central Baptist Church. We are always looking for new locations looking for a visit by the horses.


The photo to the left is from a visit with the Hope Alliance Staff and Volunteer gathering.

Special Needs


We also work with the special needs community. We take things slowly with these children, and allow them to select the horse they would like to work with. Often times, with children who have special needs, parents will begin to see their child open up more with consistent interaction with the horses. 


Working consistently with these horses, allows the child to build their confidence, and cognitive and tactile abilities. Parents are amazed at how happy the children are amongst the horses, and the horses relax and enjoy helping the children.

Elder Care Visits

Children are not the only ones who benefit from a visit with the horses. We also visit various elder care facilities, and are looking to visit with more. It is amazing how the peoples' eyes light up when they see the minis come inside their facilites. 


Often times, seeing the horses reminds people of their lives, and they start to share the most amazing stories. It is a positively overwhelming experience for everyone in attendance. Everyone leaves the visit with a smile on their face. 

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