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September 1, 2013


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September 2013



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On August 23, our beloved rescue mare Wynona ('Noni'), had stifle surgery on her rear legs. She will have her sutures removed on 9/5, and she has to be on stall rest for 60 days. 


We can't begin to thank everyone enough for the generous donations to help with Noni's surgery.  Your gift is helping to improve Noni's quality of life.  After recovering from her surgery, Noni will join our team of therapy minis.  Through helping her, you will be helping us reach 100's of children and adults who are in need of that special love only a mini can give.



Thank you to the following people who helped with the fundraising: Gail & Brad Gavit, David Pinon, Ryan Brown, Vince Boyle, John Griffin, Leah Heflin, Carl Brewer, Brent Sumner, Kylie Gallagher, Danny & Kim Turk, Dr. Moore, Dell Computers, and Lone Star Coolers LTD. 


We will continue to update everyone on her progression. We have included updates on Facebook, as well as a link on our homepage.




Upcoming Opportunities

On August 30th, we met with Maggie Cochran, Wendy Bixby, and Nancy McCranie of Hospice Austin. They were thrilled about having the horses be involved with their various programs. One of their programs is the Hospice Care Program, Christopher House. We will be taking the horses on 9/6 to the Christopher House. We will be making monthly visits here. 


We also were invited to attend one night of the family bereavement support group they have twice a year. This is a 6 week program, which occurs in October and April on Tuesday nights. This is a program extended to the families with children who attended Camp Braveheart. We will hopefully get to bring out a horse per family, and allow the families to interact and do various activities with the horse. 


The other opportunity we will have, starting in 2014, is a visit to Camp Braveheart. We will take the horses out for one day of the camp, and allow the children to groom, paint a memory of a loved one on the horse, and lead the horse around. 


We are extremely excited about these opportunities, and we will keep you updated on the events as they come. 




Upcoming Events



    6th Hospice of Austin - Christopher House



    19th Rutledge Elementary School

    26th Central Baptist Fall Festival

    27th Family Day with the Friends of Austin State Supported Living        Center




Clipping and Bathing of the Minis



I know it is hard to believe in Texas, with the warm weather, our minis are growing their thicker winter hair already. We bathed up some of the horses at the farm, and gave them a trim. With the temperatures still in the mid to upper 90s, the horses can get hot when wearing a thick coat. 


Bathing, drying, and clipping (full body/face) can take a lot of time per horse. For one horse, this process can take 3-4 hours in all, with the waiting for them to dry. It helps to just get a line of them washed, and started to dry, while someone prepares to clip. Sometimes, if we run out of time, we have to clip the following day, but this is risky, since some of the horses LOVE to roll a LOT. 


If you or someone you may know is interested in assisting with washing or clipping the minis, please let us know.




Volunteer opportunities

We are always looking for people to assist in our events. If you or someone you may know is interested in assisting at one of our upcoming events, please contact us. The more people we have to help, the more horses we can take, and the more smiling faces there are :-).




Website, Facebook, Shutterfly, Logo and Banner


We recently launched an updated website in August, please visit and check it out!


We also recently joined Facebook, please go and LIKE! our page if you have not done that yet: Northwind Farm


We have a new photo site, please click here to see our latest photos of our recent events.


We would like to thank Gina Marek for helping design our Logo and our beautiful new Banner to take out on location visits.




Thanks and Appreciation

We would like to give thanks and appreciation to the following people for their generous support.


Al & Susan Bulgawicz for their donation to help us pay our insurance coverage.




Jared and Jana Benge

Louise Hrncir

Ron and Cathy Reiley





If you or someone is interested in making a donation to our organization, please visit our website for details. We also take donations of material goods to help make improvements to our facilities. 

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