October 2013 Newsletter

October 1, 2013


Adventures at Northwind Farm

October 2013



Around the Farm



On September 23, we had our first Rattlesnake bite on the farm. Little Dude was bitten in the nose. He is on stall rest for 10 days, and he is doing well. He is eating gruel - a lovely mixture of water with alfalfa and timothy hay pellets. 


To the left is a photo of him after and before (below), so you can see how much he swelled up. 


He is a great horse, and he is handling this situation very well. 


Also, we had a snake trapper come out, and we were successful in catching a snake. It is not confirmed to be the one that bit the horse, but it is the only one we have caught so far. We are hoping we do not encounter anymore. 


We have been spraying the weeds, and the fence line, and keeping the grass mowed. 




Update on Wynona

Wynona is healing beautifully. She is a great horse, and doesn't mind being in her stall 24/7. She will soon be off permanent stall rest, and will get to be hand walked to eat grass.


VOLUNTEERS - Please contact Betty if you would like to come out to help walk her around and let her graze.




Clipping and Bathing of the Minis

A big thanks to Judy, Carly, Collene, Lauren,Norma, Christopher, and Jonathan for 

coming out 9/14 to help bathe and clip some of the minis!!! The minis appreciate the 





Recent Happenings


We met with the Girling Hospice Center in Round Rock, on 9/13. We are in the process of filling out our Applications, and we are looking forward to visiting. We will hopefully be attending their Family Day in October, and also start visiting at their various facilities in November. Check our website/Facebook for dates. 


We visited with the Volunteer Coordinator at the Christopher House on September 6th, and surprised them with a short visit with a couple of horses. We will be visiting the Christopher House the 3rd Sunday of every month. 




Volunteer opportunities

We are always looking for people to assist in our events. If you or someone you may know is interested in assisting at one of our upcoming events, please contact us. The more people we have to help, the more horses we can take, and the more smiling faces there are :-).


Upcoming opportunities


October 15 - Family Group Night - Hospice Austin (6:30PM)

October 18 - Family Day - Girling Hospice

October 19- Rutledge Elementary School

October 20 - Christopher House**

October 26 - Central Baptist Fall Festival

October 27 - Family Day with the Friends of Austin State Supported Living Center

November 17 - Christopher House**

December 7 - Christi Center - Kids Who Kare

December 15 - Christopher House**


**(special application required, contact Betty)




Thanks and Appreciation

We would like to give thanks and appreciation to the following people for their generous support.


Thank you to a very special new Volunteer, Carl B. Carl has been a great help in keeping the property maintained, we are excited to have him on board. 


Thank you to Terry Stajer, Patsy Spilman, and Dave Collier for your generous donations.





Jared and Jana Benge

Louise Hrncir

Ron and Cathy Reiley


Welcome NEW Volunteers

Karan M - Cheryl L - Rachel & Amy S - Lauren B - Carole T





If you or someone is interested in making a donation to our organization, please visit our website for details. We also take donations of material goods to help make improvements to our facilities. 

To make a donation, please visit here





Please go and LIKE! our page if you have not done that yet: Northwind Farm


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