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Adaptive Gymkhana Program Testimonials


We found your program one of the highest points of our week. My family found ourselves engaged in endless joyful conversations of all the new things each of my children were encountering and accomplishing each week while we found the girls counting days of the week based on "horse farm" day. One of my children greatly enhanced her attention to tasks and felt so accomplished in her activities. The staff knew just how to peacefully tune her in while the environment was quiet with focused stimulation. She even said that "one day she wanted to grow up enough to help other kids learn horses just like they did for her." My other child started to relax muscularly and even assist with some horse care. To see the delight when she could help "something else" walk was purely priceless. To let someone with so many dependencies take the reigns and drive as they did for my child, gave her more joy, power, independence, self-esteem than one could ever appreciate. I can't say thank you enough for the positive experiences that will ride a lifetime with my family. -- Christa F.



My son, Nate Smith, started at Northwind Farm working with their wonderful horses last Spring and in truth, I simply cannot put into words what it meant to him....but, I'll try...Nate loves being on a farm, he "fits" there and it is extremely hard to find places that he feels comfortable enough to just be the wonderful little boy that he is. Nate progressed so far and so quickly through being with "his" horses.  And, in fact, is so comforted with the thought of the ranch and its horses that he now sleeps every night with a plush horse that he named after one of the ones on the ranch.  Even on a bad day, Nate would hurry off the school bus and happily go to the ranch no matter what his previous mood.  (And, in truth, this was the ONLY activity that I have seen him react this way to.)

In short, Nate loves the ranch more than I can ever write and it has helped his self confidence in immeasurable ways and I am so incredibly grateful for the wonderful people and fabulous horses at Northwind Farm.

- Amy S 



The following Testimonials are from the Girls of Texas Baptist Children's Home


​Dear Mrs. Betty, I had a lot of fun working with the horses.  I chose Justin was because that is also  my brother’s name and I love my brother.  Also, Justin was a very pretty house.

Sincerely, Callie M


Dear Mrs. Betty, I had so much fun with the horses.  I learned how to clean hooves, leading horses, and save puppies.  I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot.  I hope that I can come back to visit soon.  Thank you.

Jamie B.
Dear Mrs. Betty, Thanks for all the love.  I loved the horse that I picked, Semi-Sweet.  I hope we can come again sometime and help clean the stalls and horses.  I appreciate you and love all your animals.

Love Veronique B.
Dear Mrs. Betty, We loved the horses.  They were so pretty.   We like that they are little like us.  

Starlene, Kaylene and Autum S.
Dear Mrs. Betty, Thank you for sharing your passion and your mini’s with the TBCH girls of Cottage 4.  These children do not get to experience the joy and responsibility of raising animals, having pets.  I have learned from past observances of equine therapy, that horses have a unique ability to mimic the personalities and issues of the children that work with them, helping the children to express and deal with their own feelings.  It was fun to watch the children pick a horse – especially when the personalities of horse and child had similarities.    The fearful and stubborn child worked with the very young Semi-Sweet.   Semi struggled with her fears of walking the bridge…both child and horse having to conquer their concerns to move forward.  I personally loved working with Raven.  He was so patient as we (the 4 year old and I ) worked out the mud from his coat and mane.  It was fun to watch the five year old  as she groomed her mini, fearless as she stood combing out her tail.   This child  loves to work with her own hair, so this was heaven for her.   She would have been braiding manes and tails if given the tools and time!    We had a group that ranged from a very active 4 yr old with a short attention span and a very loud 7 year old  to a very hyper 13 year old  and yet the  horses were very patience and forgiving.

Thank you so very much,
Joyce Fiaccone

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