Follow Wynona through her surgery and after

Wynona had stifle surgery on both her rear legs on 8/23. We want to thank everyone that donated, and let them see what they helped this little horse overcome. We will post updates on this site and on our Facebook site. Please check back for updates!

Thank you for your Donations

A big thank you to the following people and businesses which helped to fund portions of the Surgery:

Gail & Brad Gavit, Debi Curtsinger, David Pinon, Ryan Brown, Vince Boyle, Carl Brewer, Brent Sumner, John Griffin, Leah Heflin, Kylie Gallagher, Danny & Kim Turk, Dell Computers, and Lone Star Coolers LTD. 


Noni After Surgery

Noni was a brave horse. Dr. Moore was able to perform the surgery while the horse remained standing. She did such a great job, and did not flinch. 

Close up of her sutures

in 12-14 days, the sutures should be removed. She will have to stay in her stall for 4 weeks, and then after that, she can have light movement. 


The silver color on her legs is from silver spray. This spray is used to help prevent many infections. 


Below is a video of her taken before the surgery. Of course, in this video, the severity of her legs is not as obvious, but they would lock continuously, and she would drag one or the other behind her. 

December 2012 - when She was Rescued

Some photos of when we picked her up

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